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Welcome To The Fighting Beavers' Home Page!

The Ottawa Fighting Beavers are Canada's entry in the (mostly) British-based Postal American Football League, or PAFL for short.

This page will track the team's attempt to win the coveted PAFL "Big One"(tm) Trophy and bring it to Canada for the first time!

The PAFL uses those goofy American rules. You know, the ones WITHOUT the Rouge?! What's up with THAT??!!

Breaking Beaver News!

This page will no longer be updated! Version 2.0 of the Official Beavers Site can be found at


The St-Louis franchise changes hands as Luc Gascon takes charge! The Louies will play out the string and Luc is expected to put his stamp on the the team starting in season four! The Ottawa Fighting Beavers send out a hearty welcome and good luck!

Meanwhile Tim Bancroft, original owner of the (now) Tromso Storm, returns to the league and takes the reins of the DC Capital Punishment. Tim is DC's 3rd owner since the start of the regular season. Welcome (back) aboard, Timothy!!

Recent Site Updates

March 16th

-Added the Week 13 scores and updated the standings accordingly.

September 11th

-Added Captain Canuck's post-game comments.

September 9th

-Updated the record book.

-Handed out the gameballs to HB Chris Rabbit and DE Eddie Beric.

September 8th

-Added Week 11 results and updated the standings accordingly.

HB Cal Gary looks to take the corner on a sweep!